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HSBC Mortgage Services has beem a leading mortgage presenter with a great commitment to sending quality service to our clients. We provide a big range of mortgage products and deal a quality of fiscal services to our mortgage receivers.

search the correct mortgage for you at first. whether you have sought a house you wish to purchase, select a requiredly mortgage from our huge range and make out monthly repayments

We shall speak to you about buying to let mortgages we present and satisfy that you have all the knowledge you require before you have the the following steps or get any decision in buying a rental property

Purchasing and making sales the property? select about choosing a place, searching a mortgage, making preparations a home for selling, making and accepting a deal.

Expat Mortgages specifies in presenting for the more unhappening mortgage and fiscal needs, 1st such being mortgages in the UK.. whether you hane been presently abiding overseas and making plans to purchase property in the UK, either as an investor, a second UK based home, or to come back home to, Expat Mortgages is well developed to help you in searching for the correct mortgage to cater for your required mortgages.

First-time buyers

Buying your first home is an exciting time. We know you'll have lots of questions to ask, and so much to get your head around, so let's get started. To make your options as clear as possible, here's a quick snapshot of the different types of mortgages we offer. You can use our mortgage calculator to see which products would work for you! How much will it all cost? From purchasing your mortgage to getting your propery valued, we'll explain the costs involved in setting up your mortgage. We even have a handy budget planner to help you work out what you can afford.

Remortgaging your home

Whether you're coming to the end of your current deal, paying your lender's standard variable rate, or your circumstances have changed since you took out your current deal, now is a great time to consider remortgaging with Northern Rock. There are many reasons why you may consider remortgaging from your current lender and taking advantage of Northern Rock's latest deals. Quite simply, remortgaging means moving your mortgage from one lender to another without moving home. When you do this, the new mortgage pays off the old mortgage.


Thinking about investing in a property to rent out? Here at Northern Rock, we offer a range of Buy-to-let mortgage?s to help you achieve your goals for the future. It's important to remember that owning a buy-to-let property is like running a small business and you will have to invest time as well as money into it to keep things running smoothly. Seek advice from local letting agents about the suitability of any property you are thinking of buying and the demand for rental properties in the area. You will have certain legal responsibilities as a landlord. You will be required to ensure the safety of all gas and electricity appliances as well as ensuring all furniture and furnishings meet fire safety requirements. We recommend that you seek some professional advice from an accountant or your tax office on the effect that the property may have on your tax affairs. Think about how you will afford your monthly Buy-to-let mortgage payments if the property is empty, your tenants fall into Arrears or if interest rates rise.

Moving home

You've decided to move home, but aren't quite sure where to start. Don't worry, this section provides useful information about each stage of the process to help make your big move run as smoothly as possible. When you move home with Nationwide, you have the option to select a new mortgage from our range or take your current mortgage with you; known as 'porting' (conditions apply). If you port your current mortgage, any additional borrowing must be taken on a mortgage from our current range. Here you will find some links to useful tools and information to help you choose the right mortgage for you.

Existing customers

Whether you're moving home and want to take your mortgage with you, looking to pay a little bit extra off your mortgage, or want to stay with Northern Rock when your current deal ends, you'll find everything you need to know right here. We value your loyalty, so we have created a range of deals just for you. To find out more about how we could help, choose what you are looking to do from the options below. If you're a new customer looking to switch your deal from another lender, find out more about remortgaging to Nationwide.