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Motorkitty Motorkitty was launched to genuinely give pay day customers an better and cheaper alternative way of raising short term cash, whilst at the same time providing a cheaper, better and alternative logbook loan.

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It’s difficult to know where to find the best personal loans as the personal loan market is so competitive. MoneyExpert searches the whole market to find the best personal loan for you – saving you time and money by doing all the hard work. View our personal loan comparison tables letting you see the rates, monthly payments and total payable on all personal loans, whether from banks or non traditional brands such as supermarkets, all providers are listed. In only a few short minutes you can compare and apply – it really is that simple. MoneyExpert is a free, no obligation service that is quick and easy to use that provides personal loan comparison in minutes without carrying out any credit checks.

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New research predicts the first quarter of this year will see up to 139,000 personal loans taken out - worth a total of £1.55 billion - to consolidate debt. Sainsbury’s Finance estimates this is the equivalent to around 35 percent of the value of personal loans taken out over this period. They also showed one in three people do not shop around properly to find a competitive loan rate. Choosing a non-competitive rate could cost you hundreds of pounds in extra interest repayments,” said Steven Baillie, Sainsbury’s Finance head of loans.

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A secured loan also known as a homeowner loan or home loan is a loan secured against your property. It offers higher loan amounts than a personal loan, usually up to £100,000, and can be repaid up to a period of 25 years.At The Lending Centre we compare the loans market to find you the best deal. Tailored to your loan purpose, loan term and credit profile we can help you find the perfect secured loan that can help buy a new car, pay for a holiday, conolidate some debt or simply pay for a relaxing holiday abroad!

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Our Personal Loan deal is exclusively available to our new and existing FlexAccount debit card customers (excluding cash card+) who have; Paid £750 or more per month (excluding internal transfers) into their FlexAccount for the last three months. Agreed to transfer all their Direct Debits and standing orders from an account with another bank or building society using our Account Transfer Service (requested via branch or telephone) and are eligible for an overdraft.The rate offered will depend on the amount you wish to borrow and your individual circumstances.