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Home phone & landline explained


Sign up for home phone and landline deals and you’ll benefit from cheap domestic, international and mobile calls – potentially cutting hundreds of pounds off your phoneline, home phone & call bills. You’ll also be able to access a raft of handy calling features, including a block on sales calls and free voicemail.

Home phone and landline providers

BT was once the UK’s sole home telephony operator. But latterly a number of rivals in the telecoms space have joined BT in the landline provider sector, including Virgin Media and TalkTalk.

Short contract home phone deals

Perhaps what you’re looking for in a broadband phone bundle is the freedom to use the internet and your phone without having to watch out for hidden costs. If so, there are plenty of providers who cater to your needs.

TalkTalk home phone and landline deals

TalkTalk is widely regarded as the UK’s premier value broadband provider. And that same ethos of providing great value also applies to its home phone and landline offering. Sign up for a TalkTalk landline at £11.49 per month and you can choose from: