Read our guide to Health Insurance

We have got a new glance at health insurance to make out how we may do things best. So we have generated simple health insurance which individuals can sculpture to their requirements and we have been getting rid of as much private medical insurance jargon as we can.

For 140 years Medicash has been playing a vital role in offering healthcare insurance solutions, from aiding fund civil hospitals in Victorian times to presenting corporate advantage packages to 21st century companies And while we are confidently determined to render the best of the previous products, we put our eyes exclusively targeted on a dynamic future.

Being fit and healthy must be at the zenith and although a few people remain with the NHS for any medical need for people this is not only this but Private health insurance is a rife beseeching for everyone which need to be in total hand of their medical requirements and there are so many ways.

In England we have got the National Health Service (NHS) that is a generally funded health care system. This presents lots of healthcare in the UK offering free-medical care when we want this with basic care for instances:- General Practitioners, in-patient care and long-term health care with surgery.

We have been the health insurance exclusive for the people who either employ or have employed for the civil service, public sector, charitable or not-for-profit organisations and their families.

Why take out individual health insurance?

Becoming ill is stressful enough without having to worry about lengthy NHS queues for treatment. Private medical insurance can give peace of mind to individuals that they won't have to wait for the procedures or care they might need as the cost of private treatment will be covered.

Different types of cover

Policies for individuals needn't be expensive, and you can choose the level of cover you require. Some plans only cover treatment while you are in hospital, while others will also provide outpatient help. With most private medical insurance policies, individuals pay a monthly premium and the policy will then pay out, up to specified cover limits, for any treatment you might need. There are also health cash plans. These will contribute towards your routine healthcare costs and work by paying out a cash sum whenever you visit a dentist or other medical practitioner, such as a chiropodist or optician, which you can spend on what you want.

What else you should know

Premiums on medical insurance policies tend to get higher the older you are. Many policies charge an excess - the portion of any insurance policy you must pay yourself. For those looking for more comprehensive cover, but who still want to keep costs down, one option is to choose a medical insurance policy which offers a wider range of benefits but which enables you to select a higher excess. We specifically cater to the UK, US, Canada, Australia, European Union and Asia Pacific. However we hold many survey companies that work internationally.

Individual Health Insurance

To avoid long NHS waiting times for appointments and treatments many individuals opt to take an individual health insurance policy. Individual health insurance offers additional peace of mind that should you become ill or injured you will be able to get care promptly and conveniently.